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(I) Duo Worktop

Model No: PTEB1B

Dimensions: 700mm deep x 1440mm long x 160mm high (without Glass)
Stainless steel working top
2 drip trays for waste recovery
2 gastronorm stainless steel 1/3 containers - depth15 cm
3 gastronorm stainless steel 1/6 containers - depth15 cm
1 water tray to clean the spreader
1 jug with refrigerated stand
2 glass jars with lids
Power: 5400W

Optional Extras
2 Electric crepe makers: CEBIA4
Protective plate to keep cooking surfaces clean
Protective glass
Removable bain-marie with 3 gastronorm stainless steel 1/6 containers - depth 15 cm
Gastronorm eutectic 1/3 or 1/6 refrigerating containers
Lids for 1/3 or 1/6 containers

Note: This worktop is sold without the Crêpe and Waffle maker.