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Elettrobar Dishwasher systems we supply and service

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Elettrobar OCEAN 61D

Elettrobar OCEAN 61D Dishwasher / Glasswasher

Elettrobar NIAGARA 52D

Elettrobar Niagara 52D Dishwasher

Elettrobar RIVER 63CDE

Elettrobar River 63CDE Dishwasher

Elettrobar OCEAN 81D

Elettrobar OCEAN 81D Side Loading Dishwasher

Elettrobar Niagara 82D

Elettrobar NIAGARA 82D Side Loading Dishwasher

Elettrobar RIVER 83CDE

Elettrobar RIVER 83CDE Side Loading Dishwasher

Elettrobar Niagara 411.1

Elettrobar NIAGARA 411.1 Conveyor Dishwasher

Elettrobar Niagara 411.2

Elettrobar NIAGARA 411.2 Conveyor Dishwasher

Elettrobar Niagara 412.1

Elettrobar NIAGARA 412.1 Conveyor Dishwasher

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