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Glass Washer Cleaner

Glass Washer Cleaner
Price inc VAT: €26,45
Price exc VAT: €21,50
VAT: €4,95
  • Offers effective tannin and protein removal
  • Spot free, streak free and film-free results when used with Rinse Aid
  • Suitable for use with all types of glassware
  • Helps deliver maximum head retention in beers
  • For best results use with Krystal Klear rinse additive
A Machine Glasswashing Detergent, specially developed for use in automatic dosing Cabinet Glasswashers. Ideal for use in normal water hardness conditions. A unique formula that removes light to heavy soils, stains, tannins, proteins, grease and lipsticks from glasses of all types. Proto-Brite leaves glasses sparkling clean and giving enhanced head stability and lacing on beers and lagers.


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