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Our glasswasher range is great value and consistently reliable and effecient.


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1 ProWash 40

NEW ProWash 40 Dishwasher / Glasswasher

1 ProWash 40D

NEW ProWash 40D Dishwasher / Glasswasher with built-in ...

1 ProWash 50

NEW ProWash 50 Dishwasher / Glasswasher

1 ProWash 50D

NEW ProWash 50 Dishwasher / Glasswasher with built-in Drain ...

1 ProWash 60

NEW ProWash P60 Pass-Through Dishwasher

Elettrobar FAST 30

Elettrobar FAST 30 Glasswasher

Elettrobar Ocean 41DE

Elettrobar Ocean 41DE with Drain Pump

Elettrobar OCEAN 51D

Elettrobar Ocean 51D Dishwasher / Glasswasher

Elettrobar Ocean 51DE

ELETTROBAR Ocean 51D Glasswasher / Dishwasher with Drain ...

Elettrobar OCEAN 61D

Elettrobar OCEAN 61D Dishwasher / Glasswasher

Elettrobar Ocean 61DE

ELETTROBAR Ocean 61DE Dishwasher/Glasswasher