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Elettrobar River 297

Ware/Utensil Washer

Dishwasher and Glass washer   River 297  297

Ideal for the gastronomy and collective catering, features a 70x70 cm rack and useful clearance of 85 cm. Standard equipment includes detergent and rinse aid dispensing system, electronically regulated from the control panel. It can also be fitted with specific sensors (optional) that indicate the need to top up detergent level.
Newly-designed rack guides reduce effort required at full load and are extremely easy to clean. Eleven wash cycles of from 2 to 12 minutes.

Dimensions: 850mm wide x 850mm deep x 1900mm high

Basket: 700mm x 700mm

Power: 11Kw Three Phase

Max Utensil Height: 850mm


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