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Furlong Refrigeration and Catering Equipment LTD

Eurfrigor and Kastel Ice Machines we supply and service.

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Ice Machines & Ice Cream Makers

Elframo Elmogel Easygel 24

Elframo Elmogel Easygel 24 Ice Cream Maker

Elframo Elmogel Ecolab 30 Pasteurizer

Elframo Elmogel Ecolab 30 Pasteurizer

Jetice J120

Jetice Ice Maker Production 110kg

Kastel KCF400

Kastel KCF400 Ice Maker Production 400kg

Kastel KP100

Kastel KP100 Ice Maker Production 100kg

Kastel KP150

Kastel KP150 Ice Maker Production 150kg

Kastel KS250

Kastel KS250 Ice Maker Production 270kg

Unifrost U100-34

Unifrost U100-34 Ice Maker

Unifrost U160-100

Unifrost U160-100 Ice Dispenser

Unifrost U210-18

Unifrost U210-180 Automatic Ice Maker

Unifrost U22-7

Unifrost U22-7 Automatic Ice Maker

Unifrost U40-16

Unifrost U40-16 Automatic Ice Maker


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